The reason Jason was so pissed off in "Jason Lives".

User Rating: 1 | Friday the 13th NES
Friday The 13th for the NES captures very few things about the great, long running, horror movie slasher series by the same name. Sure the killer's name is Jason Voorhees, the unstoppable hockey masked murderer, who enjoys chopping up counselers. By the way you play part of like six counselers, which means if Jason punches you, you lose half of your health and will most likely die. There's no plot here, and apparently it's not an adaptation of any of the "Fridays", though since the goal is to kill Jason, I'd say "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter". The point of this game: who the hell knows? For no apparent reason there a zombies, Werewolves, old castle dungeons, creatures from the black lagoon, giant spiders, and for some weird reason, Mrs. Voorhees's decapitated head is the size of a computer desk and shoot lasers from her eyes and breathes fire out of her mouth. Aparently Jason is no longer a "creative killer", and half the time you'd rather just use up all your counselers than play this game anymore. To Quote GameInformer: "After only a few mintues with Friday The 13th, you'll wish it would join it's iconic villian at the bottom of Crystal Lake."