Repetitive, yet often startling.

User Rating: 6 | Friday the 13th NES
Graphics: I wouldn't say much about them. The trees and water and such are nicely done. However, the problem is nobody has a face except Jason and his mother's head. Makes you wonder who really is the creepy one.

Sound/Music: The sounds are obnoxious often, and the music is four repeating tunes; Jason's theme, houses/title, fight with Jason/his mother, and the main outside tune. However while wandering through a house and the tidbitty quiet music playing, and all of a sudden these sharp tune plays and Jason leaps out at you, you'll probably jump.

Difficulty: Hard. You'll die a lot before you actually beat it.

Gameplay: You take the role as 6 people, and your job is to protect yourself, your friends, and the children from Jason. Along the way you'll pick up different weapons such as a machete. You start out with simple rocks to throw. There are, however, only 3 levels to go through. Quite a short game.

Controls: Your average platformer controls; A is jump, B is fire weapon, and so on.

Overall: Eh. This is a moderate game, nothing huge about it. If you're a hardcore Jason fan, or just simply curious about this game due to the fact it's the only game based on the series, other than the C64 version, then go for it. Also good collectors item.