Friday The 13th- Not So Unlucky!

User Rating: 9 | Friday the 13th NES
This game freaked me out when I was two years old! Now, I'm 21, and I STILL play this game. "Friday The 13th" on the NES is a game that is either loved or hated. I, thankfully, love this game. I really don't care much for Jason, or the movies themselves (except the first 2), so I'm quite impressed that they got an NES game to have solid gameplay while still delivering some good chills. Firstly, you fight a lot of zombies in this. And I thought, "What the hell? Zombies?" Then, reading the boke, I notice they took a lot into account with this game. Apparently these zombies are all the victims Jason has killed (and while each time, they load randomly, its hard to believe his killed that many), but it's nice that they thought of backing that up. And having his Mother's head being a boss fight throught to get good upgrades, I feel, is something witty. So, this game may be a little dated, and I'm sad that it never mad it to the NES Classics on the GBA, but if you have a taste for good old school horror, look no further- Jason will deliver like a machete to the head. Like I said, the zombies appear randomly each time, as does Jason. He will come after you, a cabin full of kids that you have to maintain, or any one of your camp counseler friends (you play one of six, but you can switch on the fly- each has a different/better ability). And if you get real good, you'll know how to find the torch and play through with only one counseler (for me, it's Chrissy... she runs the fastest and jumps the heighest, right along with Mark). This is def a retro classic that paved way for "Resident Evil" to take shine! Def CLASSIC SURVIVAL HORROR here!