Broken beyond belief

User Rating: 1 | Friday the 13th: The Game XONE

Upon first seeing the Kickstarter, I was super excited but naturally, I was also super worried. To crowdfund a game and clearly put a lot of effort into making it meant that there were bound to be plenty of issues. And while I was right that there were plenty of issues at launch, The problems remained long after for a very obvious reason: There was no money.

See when you have a relatively small company launching a game this size without proper backing, You're bound to run into problems. They simply didn't have the money to give this game the proper polish that it deserved. Instead, They released what was essentially a very early beta version of the game and never really improved upon it.

At launch, There was a lot of connectivity problems and many people simply could get into a game. Nowadays, I have to wait at least 3 minutes to get into a lobby and another 2 to 3 minutes before it even starts, if I am lucky. There are numerous bugs and glitches, Quite a few of them are game-breaking. The character expressions in this game look laughably bad and the animations are equally terrible, if not more so.

And let's not even start with the gameplay. Jason, naturally, is super over-powered so you really have no chance of defeating him. You simply have to run away and find one of 3 ways to escape the camp. And the odds are stacked against you because the items needed to escape are spread randomly across the map and it's actually pretty simple for the person playing Jason to just camp out in front of either area (normally in front of the car or near the boat) to prevent escape.

Which brings me to my next point, It is beyond incredibly difficult to win if you are facing someone who is good, or at least very familiar with, playing Jason. All of the special abilities he has makes it easy for him to find you, allows him to teleport long distances and since stamina isn't an issue, He has no problems outrunning you either. It's frustrating and it really does take away from the fun that could be had when playing the game.

Overall: 1/10
Friday The 13th is a dead game. The last patch was in January of this year and the game is still beyond busted. The only way to save it is to give it a massive overhaul and if you were gonna do that then you might as well just make a brand new game. And you know what? It freaking sucks. This game had a lot of potential going for it but the reliance on crowdfunding left it dead in the water.