Friday the 13th: The Game Errors, Crashes, Launcher and Fixes

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Friday the 13th The Game Patch 1.02 - Fix Repail:>


- Added a Random option in the lobby. - Turned intro volume down. - Increased effectiveness of Jason and Counselor spawn preference options. Shuffling the possible Jason list 3x as much to help randomness. - Disabled inhale sound effect for breathing while in a hiding spot. - Made dead body stingers less obnoxious: Ignored while being pursued by Jason; 10s cooldown; Will not fire for witnessed nearby deaths.


- Fixed issue where you have infinite stamina. - Fixed a few areas where the player couldn't reach with Jason. Also fixed a stuck spot on Packanack. - Fixed perk roller UI sometimes getting stuck if there is an error talking to the database. - Fixed session heartbeat requests to be more resilient to service failures. - Fixed some bugs with incremental Steam stats achievements. NOTE: These do not always update while the game client is open, sometimes taking until you exit the game before Steam shows progress. - Fixed character hair stretching at lower frame rate. - Fixed inverted mouse look and mouse sensitivity options not working on the input settings UI. - Fixed Jason not always aborting the knife throw when stunned. - Fixed a case where it was possible to get stuck in a knife throw. - Fixed some visibility issues with the door interaction icons. - Fixed some placement issues with dropped items. - Fixed Jason's mask floating when knocked off. - Fixed Jason not always cancelling shift or morph if they hit a car in reverse. - Fixed an issue with the hiding spot exit code. - Fixed Counselors potentially getting stuck inside of a wall if hit while climbing through a window at the perfect time. - Fixed Rotate Minimap With Player not updating when changed until a map change. - Fixed some server specific crashes. - Fixed people being able to share settings save games.

BUILD 2686

Improvements - Numerous optimizations to Quick Play: Search less, be discovered more; request a smaller sample size when searching to ping fewer results, so the scan to join turn-around is quicker. Will reduce contention issues. - EasyAntiCheat now verifies content has not been tampered with to prevent content modification cheating methods. - Reduced the amount of time the QuickPlay lobby timer "bumps" when someone connects or joins to 30s instead of 90 and 45s respectively. - Drop the lobby timer to 30s instead of 60s when it gets full.


- Fixed party members not always following their leader when matchmaking into dedicated servers. - Fixed a matchmaking slicing issue causing potentially good servers to be ignored/discarded. - Fixed a UE4 bug with causing the game to freeze when unplugging headphones. - Fixed Push To Talk not turning off when a gamepad is in use instead of a KB/mouse. - Fixed the idle timer not properly bumping while spectating. Also bumping it before spawning as Tommy to fix a potential idle kick when that happens. - Fixed some foot sliding when using the flare gun or shotgun. - Disabled VR plugins to fix dialogs prompting to use them. - Fixed players getting the Public Health achievement for healing themselves. - Fixed stats that are not associated with a leaderboard not always updating on Steam. - Fixed a permanent black screen on systems that do not support the intro videos correctly. Working on finding out why that occurs on some systems, newer UE4 feature. - Fixed the intro/outro videos not being sound grouped. Effects volume now affects them. - Fixed several dedicated and listen server specific crashes.