disappointed in the f13 game amatuer built game

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im really disappointed in this game. I know its a beta, but they lied about all the good stuff we was going to have. Like guts gore and bones sticking out. limbs where suppost to come off if hit with an axe or other sharp objects. eyes popping out of the head and crushed.

if you look back at their panels they talk about this and how its going to be much more graphic then even the movies. As of right now i feel it should be rated at teen level.

details: their is so much not finished like it just goes black when you go under water and the bottom of the car is just plan. their should be and underwater details just like the movies have. also disappearing weapons and jason grabing at you and then you just appear in his hand. once he gots you his hand disappears in and out of your body same thing happens in attacks. if you walking threw the woods and see a stump and try and go over it you just kinda float across it. if you kill someone in a cabin wall or door their should be blood running on the wall for the rest of the match. people killed should bleed and just not look like they where splatter painted. if you hit a chain or wooden desk with an axe it will crush it. details details details

maps: this map is already getting old and its not as big as they talked, come on this game is going to need 6 or more maps to survive.

I just dont get it. its 30-40 guys building this game and complain about budget this and that. but a 1 dude build a jason game just like this one in one year and felt like the same game almost. this game needs a ton of work and i know its a beta, but its a very very very ruff beta like something i would have thought to see after only a couple of months of working on it.