Simply put: perfection

User Rating: 10 | Freespace 2 Gold PC
Let's face it, the space sim genre is dead. Freespace 2, originally released back in 1999, could in a way be viewed as the swan song of the genre, with pretty much everything one could ask for in a game. The controls are complicated, as is expected for a space sim, but the game more than makes up for that through a series of tutorials that are very useful for beginning players. Difficulty is adjustable, ranging from the utterly pathetic "very easy" to "insane", which IMO should only be attempted in online coop where your wingmates are actual people. Gameplay is varied, as there is no "standard" mission format. Sometimes it is not possible to complete the mission as originally intended, simply because it fits in the storyline, which is amazing in its own right.
Any fans of the this game should definitely install the Freespace 2_Open patch, which is freely available from a variety of sources. This open source patch adds souped up graphics that will make full use of your latest GeForce GTX 200 series graphics card, and includes several extremely well made user campaigns, some of which are fully voice acted. Online and LAN multiplayer is also fully supported, with many servers available for play.
Granted, this game is rather hard to find these days, but if you ever have a chance, get it, because only then can you experience gaming perfection.