Best space fighter/shooter game ever, period.

User Rating: 10 | Freespace 2 Gold PC
Gameplay: Even better than the first, better story, faster, and more twists than ever. The game once again puts you in the seat of a space fighter but this time you're not battling Vasudans, you're battling the Neo-Terran Front, led by Admiral Bosch. The main difference in this game from it's previous is the capitol ships, they don't just have laser turrets, now they have flak guns that will rip you to shreds and beam cannons you definently don't want to be in front of. Graphics: This game was made in 1999, but the graphics are still incredible even by today's standards. Sound: Better voice acting, better music, better weapons sounds. It feels like you're actually there. The voices I have to say more about, the way you hear them really makes you want to do what they're saying, and when you see hysterical pilots they'll actually make you scared "COMMAND, GET THE AQUATAINE OUT OF THE NEBULA NOW!! WE CAN'T STOP THEM THIS TIME!!". Value: you'll play this game for a long time, the campain is very long, and the multiplayer action takes even longer to get bored of. Overall: This is the best Space Flight Simulator... ever.