Epic space combat sim

User Rating: 9 | Freespace 2 Gold PC
This game was an incredible experience for me.

It has a style of combat piloting in space that is fun and intense with some beautiful scenery.

The dogfights are so fun because you can use the boost to make your fighter go faster to catch up with enemy ships so they can't do sneaky attacks on you.You can set up the speed of your fighter to match the speed of an enemy fighter and you'll want to position your fighter so you can shoot enemy ships while avoiding their weapons too.Because the enemy ships are constantly changing speed and maneuvering all over the place,it makes the battles intense and exciting as you'll be trying to get into position to destroy the enemy ships before they can destroy yours.You can colldie with other ships and drains your shields/does a lot of damage.You can adjust the the strength of your shields on different parts of your fighter(to make the shields on certain parts of your fighter stronger,which means you have to leave the shields on certain parts of your fighter weaker).Also,you'll be accompanied by allies and they will communicate with you and it makes the battles feel more realistic and atmospheric.

Besides the dogfights,there's also missions where you'll have to destroy huge battle cruisers(which means you'll also need to dodge their powerful energy beam weapons).

There is also missions when you need to escort(protect allies)as they make long dangerous journeys through space and the enemies named the Shivans will be attacking them.Some missions involve making long journeys through space with a group of ally ships and your ally ships will help you fight off the Shivans and your allies will communicate with you and I felt like I was really out there with them.

The story is you'll play the role of a space fighter pilot who is from some alliance that consists of humanity and alien races and there is internal problems within the alliance.However a race of aliens named the Shivans show up and start attacking everyone.Humanity and the other races from the alliance have fought the Shivans before in some devestating wars and to win those wars,humanity and the other races had to put aside their differences and join forces to defeat the Shivans in those previous wars(which is why they started the alliance).The Shivans are supposed to be more technologically advanced than humanity or the other alliance races.The Shivans are mysterious because not much is known about them(such as where they come from)and the Shivans are insect like beings with 5 legs and powerful claws that can crush metal.

The graphics were incredible for their time,the alliance ships looked detailed and the Shivan ships were colorful and look highly advanced.The weapons you use shoot futuristic energy source.The battle cruisers look huge compared to your fighter and when you flew through space you would see beauitful,colorful regions of gas clouds.

Some of the weapon fire from the Shivans sounds terrifying but awesome because it sounds like you're fighting against a race with very different/highly developed technology.

The only thing I don't like about this game is it's a bit hard sometimes,

But if you want to feel like a real fighter pilot in space,here is a great game to do it.