What can i say... perfect

User Rating: 10 | Freespace 2 Gold PC
Well well well......

After finally getting bored with GTA4 (ill plays it again soon) I decided to go thru my cupboard for some old games and what do I find.... FS2.

After praying that it will work on vista... which it does, perfectly, I booted it up for the first time in 4 years.

This game is amazing, once you past the first training missions. Battles are EPIC, action is always fast paced and you don't have to wait for 20 mins travelling to waypoints or hyperspace for a battle.

Ships are fun to use and look awesome, and the ability to call in support makes for some good moments when you waiting for those last few missiles to load and there are 20 enemies coming towards you.

Capital ships are sufficiently scary to fight but there not impossible to kill, and the way the story unfolds is great.

Graphics wise FS2 still looks great and if you look hard enough there are some mods on the net to give it higher rez textures.

All in all this game is perfect and if you have not played it before, or in a long time, install it and relive some of the greatest moments in game history.