Freelancer is the best game in its genre.

User Rating: 9 | Freelancer PC
Freelancer is one of the best space shooters ever. Its main campaign and story is something you'd expect in a sci-fi movie rather than a game. It offers many ways to earn money which progress your level and earn you credits with which you can buy new ships and weapons. You can be a han solo style smuggler or go the legal route of the trader, earn a little less but be safe. You can choose to be an assassin, bounty hunter or pirate. Freelancer offers many factions that favor one or the other job you pick. The universe is big and after beating the campaign you still have a lot to explore. Since the game was released way back in 2003 its multiplayer does not work anymore though modifications exist which extend the universe, add new ships and offer populated multiplayer servers where the fun really begins. Namely the "Discovery mod". Freelancer is definitely a game to check for any space shooter / sim fan. Even though its getting old it still looks fantastic. Its not as complex as X3 and not as simplistic as Dark Star one. Its more like a successor to Freespace so if you played that there is no doubt in my mind you will enjoy Freelancer.

The only critique I have about the game are the repetitive side jobs that offer little diversity.