Best space simulation game ever made in all times. We need new serie of freelancer not simular games like Darksta

User Rating: 10 | Freelancer PC
I played this game old time ago and it was best game ever. I waited for x-3 renion, darkstar one but thay dissapointed me, i couldnt find that mistery, that pashion. Only in freelancer i could feel that.
In freelancer you can choose to play in all sides, you can play online, you can discover new unseen spots, seacret bases, aliens. This game is just owesom what can i tell. And many players can play it couse dont need good video car, or procesor. But still graphics is owesom, all systems is not simular like in other games, mistery is so interesting that you can travel from system to system and enjoy experiences from systems.
Multyplayer was made realy good, many players can play in server and you can be merchant, bounty hunter, pirate what ever you want in here. Modifications were created couse all people loves that game and looking for more games like this one. We are waiting for freelancer 2 with hope.
We dont need simular games we need just new serie of freelancer!!!!!