All the usual comic references are here,great world threat, superheros,superpowers,superb voice acting,and comic sans :)

User Rating: 8.5 | Freedom Force PC
The lack of expectations when you do "blind shopping", can give birth to big surprsises. I bought this one just for the cover ( it seemed old-school comic style ) and since i'm fan of the latter it spoke to me . All the usual comic references are here , great world threat, superheros , superpowers , superb voice acting , and comic sans :)

Plenty of characters offer a true strategic management before/after battle , and the RPG elements in enhancing their abilities is perfectly done. The boss/henchmen battles are well done but after a while , when you learn of the characters weaknesses and strengths they'll be no match for you.
Also , the possibility to create and customize your own hero - Priceless.

The storyline matches the comic-style storytelling , and maybe the twists are more or less predictable , but still , the fun you'll get out of this one surely outweights it's price.