Very good game but the controls could have been better.

User Rating: 9 | Freedom Force PC
i bought this game back in 2002 when i was only 12 years old. this game was pretty difficult for me at the time and i only got past the first couple levels. So 8 years later, i found this game hidden in my bookshelf while i was cleaning up and for the old times sake i decided to try it one more time.

The graphics was good for its time, and it still look good today. The storyline is comic like, lot of the stuff happened in the story kinda reminded me of spiderman. Each character in the game has its own background story which is very interesting. The gameplay is wonderful as each character have their own unique strength and weakness. Some characters are fast but agile, some are slow but tough as a rock. You can recruit pre-made heroes or you can customize a hero then recruit him to your party.

One thing i didnt like about this game is the control. The characters will do absolutely nothing if you dont command them to. Sometimes they are not very responsive either. The customized heroes can be very overpowered, if you save ur prestige points up to 12000-15000, you can create a customized hero that can pretty much solo the entire game which will take all the fun and challenges away from the game.

Other than the controls and the unbalanced customized characters, freedom force is pretty much flawless and should be played by anyone who loves RPG.