While Providing beautiful packaging, Freedom force suddenly left out game-play elements...

User Rating: 6.1 | Freedom Force PC
Freedom Force sure looks nice. The box is pretty. The story is pretty. The music is pretty. The controls are easy enough. While Providing beautiful packaging, Freedom force doesn't package any game-play elements

The gameplay in Freedom force simply sucks. There is no other way to put it.

To describe the gameplay in this game would be a daunting task, but I will try.

Remember playing the original Sims? Lets say your sim is sleeping, and all of a sudden your stove catches fire. Remember how much control you had to actually put the stove out? It took you 20 minutes on the game-clock to actually reach the kitchen. Then once you got there, it already spread. You just had no control with the time given.

Exactly the same thing here. Certain super heroes that you control, are very awkward, slow, choppy. For instance, once your super-hero destroyed a villain, he will just stand there, even if he is getting pelted on by another villain. Say hello to micro managing.

Let's say that you are at the base of a building. A villain is up top chucking down grenades. Well, certain heros have to walk (Yeah, don't run..just walk) around, and up the stairs. While other certain characters simply jump..or fly up. This can make controlling and assigning characters a huge mess.

Certain objects in the environment can be used to your discretion. But how effective is it? Well, by the time you pick up the huge boulder, the enemy already saw you, and moved out of the direction of impact.

The game-play is just damn sloppy, and irritating. That is too bad, because Crave really polished this game out to every period. So much that the comic scheme simply looked beautiful. The voice acting was godly, and it's the best a game will ever see.

The sloppiness is just what ate it. The game relies on point and click mechanics. But your characters move so slow, that actually creating any tactical prowess deems useless.

It's really bad that a game like this has to be flushed down the drain. It simply had everything, but game-play.