Oldie-comic inspired game is back with the same style, game play, better graphics but feels too much like a retro game.

User Rating: 7.7 | Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich PC
If you played the original Freedom Force you know what this game is about. For those of you who don't, here is a recap: 60's comic inspired superhero RPG (with quasi-turnbased strategy a la KOTOR) -- with cheesy predictable story and characters. The Good - Very stylish, captures that comic feel very well. - Rugged graphics engine. (I can play max detail @ 1600x1200 on a radeon 9700pro) - Good sound, music, and cheesy voice acting to suit the atmosphere - Solid game play, which character development The bad - Unbalanced game play. The game is too easy at the normal setting. - Controls. Unlike KOTOR, this game does not let you issue a queue of commands when paused, making it annoying to keep pausing the game. - Linear levels - Story and characters gets a plus for holding true to the retro theme but like those retro comics loose their charm and become boring. The Ugly - Nothing. While the game has its good and bad points it has not major flaws. Bottom Line: The game itself feels like a retro comic which seems dull in comparison to the newer flashier comics with better story and illustrations. Especially in terms of game play so much is lacking: no branching, no optional quests, and very simple level objectives. I really hate to call this an RPG because its not. Nevertheless it is a fun game that will appeal to the fans of the original. ---- Usually I think Greg is fair in his ratings, and sometimes even a little harsh but this time I think he is too generous.