Shinier and prettier, everything I loved about the first one and more.

User Rating: 8.6 | Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich PC
I am impressed. It has exactly the same feel as the Freedom Force 1. The graphics are like candy! Neon signs in the city look amazing. Superpowers look great. They really took it to the next level. One thing that is BITTERLY dissappointing, however, is the lack of co-operative multiplay. As far as I can tell, it is still only player vs. player. They improved that aspect greatly. But why did they stop there? Hopefully the mod-making tools will allow for some co-op multi-play modules from the communtiy. In that aspect alone they didn't take the game where I was really hoping to see it go. If you are happy adventuring solo, you will love this game. UPDATE: Okay, it only took me app. 15 hours to complete. This game was much shorter than I expected. I guess they are expecting the mod community to take over now... One small complaint-- there are a lot of different accents in the spoken dialogue, seeing that this takes place in Europe. The voice actors clearly don't speak the languages they are imitating. The French girl's mispronunciations made me wince with embarrasment. And El Diablo is supposed to be latino... but his spanish is inexcusably atrocious. Is there a shortage of Spanish speaking voice actors or something? Long story short, still a fun game. I lowered my score slightly, but I would still recommend it.