A great game that takes you back to the Golden Age... for a couple of hours...

User Rating: 7.8 | Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich PC
If you played Freedom Force then you´ve seen practically all about this game in the matters of graphics, sounds, and gameplay... however, FF 2 has some improvements that combined with its great (but very short) story, makes it a enjoyable game.

The graphics are still the same of before, a lot of polygons practically everywhere and the characters dont look as smooth i thinked they will be in the second game, but they maintained the great 3d all around and total view environment and maps of the first, so, in my opinion, its balanced...

The sound fx are pratically the same, they are great in which refers to the powers and the voices, very stereotypical voices that fit perfect to the stereotypical comic book characters of the Golden Age. The music are great, it helps you to get in the game, helping the environments from epic battles with super-powered villains to the invasions in the heart of the 3rd Reich!

The gameplay its very easy to handle, its has been modified some aspect that i particulary didnt feel comfortable in the first game in the character selection, and the game preserves an excellent continuity with the story and characters that conforms the Freedom Force with some new and great members. The only thing its that the game is TOO short, i finished it in an afternoon.

Overall: Its great game the preserves an excellent continuity in technique and history and will be the love (a very short love) of the comics fans!