Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich Cheats For PC

  1. Instant Mission Win

    Press shift+~ to bring the console down and enter Mission_Win() (case Sensitive) to instantly win the mission.

    Contributed by: GhostCow 

  2. Get All Abilities

    Enable the debug menu during gameplay then type:


    This will enable all abilities for the current team. This will only last untill you complete the current mission.

    Contributed by: GhostCow 

  3. Add CP Cheat

    Start the game and go to the database screen. Once there, type Shift + ~ and a debug menu pops out. Type in Campaign_AddCP('hero's name',amount).

    Hero's name should be in lowercase with underscores in between names e.g 'minute_man', 'the_ant', etc.

    Contributed by: GhostCow 

  4. Prestige cheat

    Edit the file as explained before, and bring up the console with the key located to the left of the '1' key, and enter...:

    Effect Effect
    Campaign_AddPrestige(N) Adds the desired N prestige points

    Contributed by: Abelius 

  5. How to enable the console and other codes

    Effect Effect
    peace() Enemies don't attack
    god() Invincibility

    Contributed by: PurpleMouse 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by PapaGamer 79K