Its an action game that should never be missed.

User Rating: 9.2 | Freedom Fighters PS2
Freedom Fighters is game from Io Interactive the original creators from Hitman. Io Interactive decided to step onto a new game called Freedom Fighters. You play as a guy named Chris a 32 year old plumber, he joins along with hsi brother in with the same job. As they are about to worh at a house the Soviet comes and raids america. At this point you are basically learning your pin - point basics through the game, everyhting is well introduced. If you know the Hitman series then there is no surprise to this game since everything is what you might of expected from a Third Person Shooter, you are going to have to run around and shoot people very basic.

When you are runnning around shooting people the crosshair is invisible but then visible as you have two choices. One is the ability of auto - aim if you are close to a societ just press the trigger and it will shott the enemy. The second one which is more tactical is by using the crosshair mostly this button is used from enemies that are taking cover and you want to bust them open from their cover. Using the auto - aim can be a little frustrating since you dont have full control on the battle field but that what you get from a third person shooter.

As you progress further into the game your charisma will boost if you save,heal,rescue,explode etc.. Your charisma is kinda of your level up in recruiting as you will have to recruit in some rather difficult missions. When you pass a level of charisma you will be added with an extra bonus of recruits by colse to the end of the game you will have the ability to have over 12 recruits, a this rate they will kill anyone on a nano second in range. By far your recruits is one of your strongest pin points thoroguth gameplay, you have three commands defend,scout(kill),regroup with the settingof the game these commands are very important. With the commands your men will act fast and very swift when you order them, their AI is strong as they will duck for the nearest cover if a soviet is shooting at them, the bad part of this when you recruit up to 12 and you bunch up together there will be some sort of glitch...... when you shoot some one all of a sudden you change direction your crosshair without even touching nothing it can be buggy but you will grow with it.

Out of all the pin - points the only two things that will amaze you is the graphics and the enviroments, you will be in awe as you explore and fight for freedom in the dark alleys of the buildings and feeling the atmospheric design of the future. Freedom Fighters has alot to offer in its graphic point, the smooth textures of the walls are beautiful also the time setting which is either snow,sunny,night its still worth for an awe. By all these pin points there is one that really impresses me.... and thats is the audio. The dialogue that the characters have, are very well acted even though the main character doesnt talk that much the others really bring a good feeling of the atmosphere. With everything intacted Freedom Fighters is a game that shouldnt be missed with the durability of action gameplay.

The Good: Strong pin points, excellent friendly AI, good graphic stand point, and great dialogue.

The Bad: Rough glitches can get annoying, buggy problems when AI is close with you, some missions can repeat the same.