does this game need description?????????

User Rating: 9 | Freedom Fighters PS2
something really fun to play and play again if you never heard for this
game its because it wasnt such hit in her time but doesnt means that
is bad opposite of that game is good if not best in series story is movie like
they come and take you everything and you now how it is about that
american movies where russians are the bad guys and stuff good thing in this game is that you are earning respect by helping citizens more respect you have more soldiers you can recruit.

story:In an alternate present time, the Soviet Union brings an end to World War II by dropping the first atomic bomb on Berlin, redefining history. As a result, the Soviet Union never collapsed; it instead became the world superpower. Europe changed from democracy to communism with Great Britain as the last to join the communist bloc, albeit reluctantly. The Iron Curtain was extended to most of Asia, the Middle East and South America. Now, they are sending in their army to "liberate" America.
Chris and Troy Stone, plumbers, travel to meet with their next client- an anti-communist activist named Isabella Angelina. The Stones appear at her condominium only to find no one home, until Soviet soldiers led by General Tatarin raid the condo, seizing Troy. Amidst the attack on the city, Chris escapes to the streets, allied with a man named Mr. Jones and resistance member Phil Bagzton. They plan and carry out a rescue for Isabella, who is being held at New York police station, and shortly thereafter, Chris successfully rescue Troy Stone, who is being held hostage at a post office. Then the group retreats to the underground sewers as new York City falls to the Soviet invasion, along with the rest of the United States.
A couple of months after the rescues, Chris becomes known as the Freedom Phantom within the Soviet controlled-media, SAFN. Chris, Phil, and Isabella sabotage key Soviet facilities and reclaim territories within New York City, while building a strong resistance group consisting of New York inhabitants and disillusioned Soviet soldiers. While Chris's brother Troy goes out of New York to go and recruit other "Freedom Fighters". Despite fierce resistance from the Soviet occupation, they manage serious headway against the Red Army. During this time, Troy is captured by the Soviet forces and made to reveal the true identity of the Freedom Phantom to the media. He is later forced to make a public statement to Chris and the resistance group, reluctantly pleading them to cease their actions, while being led away he suddenly returns to the podium, urging Chris to keep fighting. For his defiant actions, Troy is taken to Governor's Island and is executed by General Tatarin.
Mr. Jones reveals the grim news to Chris, suggesting retaliation in the form of the assassination of General Tatarin. Jones' reasons for this are twofold: first, it will allow Chris to avenge his brother, and second, Soviet forces will be greatly weakened by the loss of Tatarin's leadership. Chris succeeds and escapes Governor's Island, only to return to find Isabella missing and the resistance main base controlled by the Soviets. Mr. Jones reveals himself to be Soviet Colonel Bulba, head of the KGB, explaining that this was how he managed to supply the resistance with information. Chris escapes with Phil Bagzton and The Kid to another underground base. SAFN later reports on the death of Tatarin, Colonel Bulba's promotion to General, and subsequent, supposed "destruction" of the resistance in New York- in reality, the resistance has been scattered and taken to hiding.
During the winter, Chris, Phil, and The Kid lead an increasingly-determined resistance in Soviet-controlled New York City, climaxing with a raid on the SAFN Studios. They use the station to send a broadcast encouraging the people of New York and beyond to bring an end to the USSR's occupation. Chris, Phil, and The Kid plan a final strategy against the Soviet occupation: an all-out assault on Governor's Island consisting of all available strength of the now-massive New York resistance. After destroying and taking over multiple areas of the island including Fort Jay and rescuing Isabella, the resistance group celebrate their victory over the Soviets.and normaly isabela and chris fell inlove