One of the best tactical,squad-based shooters around !

User Rating: 9.5 | Freedom Fighters PC
This story takes place at an imaginary world,where the Soviets invaded and captured New York.You,Christopher Stone managed to escape their wrath,and managed to rescue some New Yorkers and Isabella,a beautiful and efficient woman.Together you people form a rebel base in the sewers of New York,from where you plan to take back NY.
As a plumber,it's a wonder how you can shoot so well,but no complains here ! Your first mission would be to rescue your brother,Troy Stone,from one of the Soviet bases.After that,you'll realise that you have a charisma meter,which gets filled up when you successfully complete a mission.As it fills up,you'll be able to recruit more Freedom Fighters,fighting for the common cause.At the end of the game,you'll find yourself commanding 20-22 soldiers.You can give them 3 simple commands-to regroup,to attack and to defend an area.
Slowly,you'll begin to capture many Soviet bases,your primary objective to cut off their supplies,un-arm them and attack them by surprise.There are quite a number of weapons in the game-The Assault Rifle,The Shot-gun,The SMG,The Sniper,The Pistol,The Rifle,The Rocket-launcher and of course your trusty old wrench ,to be used as a melee weapon.
One fine day,the Soviets will again capture your brother and kill him.They will find the location of your base and attack you there.You will flee,but they will get Isabella.Once escaped to Manhattan,your job will be to assassinate General Tartarin,who killed your brother.Thus begins the final and best chapter of the game.
You will kill Tartarin,and will plan a final attack on the Soviets in their Governors Island.The attack will take place in chapters,where your objective will be different in each of the chapters like to steal C4 charge,destroy their Heli-pad,take out the Mortar positions and finally conquer Fort Jay.Once completed these objectives,you will announce your victory over the Soviets,who will mostly die,and the rest will flee.
The graphics are quite good,but the textures are excellent ! The sounds are amazing as well,with each of the weapons sounding different and realistic.
It's a game worth playing,and if you happen to like squad-based tactical shooters,this is one title you cannot miss !