"My Freedom Fighters Review"

User Rating: 9.5 | Freedom Fighters XBOX
The Goods-

Where to start? This game has to be the best game i Have ever played on the XBOX and even up to today, The AI even for the XBOX is pretty good, the Number of AI you can have with you is just outstanding, makes you really feel like your the leader, and they don't let you down they kick some ass, that's for sure. and your Also can give them orders witch is the best thing about this. people are Crying about the controls? like how easy can it get?

The Bad-

Wish the game was longer..lol it was over to quick. it was so much fun, i wanted more.

Last Notes, wish EA would make FF2, i can't believe how stupid they are, they would rather make GF2 witch was a total let down, this is for the XBOX and look it got a 9.3? they haven't to this day with the NEW GEN CONSOLES got over 9.3 with a game i think.