A short and lifeless story with a generic multiplayer,yea this game REALLY deserves a 9.2.

User Rating: 3 | Freedom Fighters GC
I regret getting this game here's why

Graphics:3.8-these graphics were bland even back in the Gcube,PS2,and X-box days the characters are generic,the people don't flap their mouths not even main characters when they talk,oh and civilians don't even have faces they have some blurred thing that I'm guessing is the eyes and mouth.

Sound:4.9-The voice acting only works in cutscenes (and there's only 3 or 4 I'm not sure) and the music gets repetitve very quickly and the menu music,don't even get me started.The freedom fighters have generic and annoying sayings like,"Let's show those Reds!"or,"Yeah I'm IN" plus all the women in the game sound like men (except for the leading lady which actually sounds like a woman.)

Story:4.2-The story is racist and been used before.An average Joe's average life changes when people take over his homeland and there's a girl leader of rebels he's in love with that gets captured.Yeah very interesting but guess what,you shoot Russians that decide to take only 1 state of the USA!(If I'm wrong don't blame me the story doesn't tell its self well)

Presentation:3.5-ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz -.-

Lasting appeal:2-Not only do you get a rousing 6 hour campaign,but you also get an expanded multiplayer with 3 maps,2 teams,and 1 game mode.This will give you a good 7 hours,COOL! *sarcasm*