This games makes you feel like a guerrilla leader.

User Rating: 8 | Freedom Fighters PS2
Freedom Fighters is a great game. Some people can say "its a bad TPS", yes because you are not alone in this game. If you try to act like a "lone wolf" just like the other TPS games you die very quick. Its not a "Dead Space or something like that, in this game you are a leader of freedom fighters and you have to defend America against Russians with your squad. Yes I know, a very classic story. So lets forget about this "empty scenario". I must warn you, there is nothing deep, no surprises in this game's scenario but the gameplay is highly addictive. You can have a maximum of 15-18 (I dont remember) freedom fighters at your command and I must say the AI works pretty good both for your team and for your enemies. When you shoot at Russian soldiers, they start to seek covers, get behind to each other and walk slowly cover to cover and try to take you down. I must say AI is not stupid. And I played the game in "hardest" mode. In this game, most of the work is done by your little freedom fighter squad. You can give them commands like "attack, defend, hold the ground, capture the machine gun" just with two buttons and your men understand it very good. They find their way "just right", they can climb, hide, take cover, in short AI knows what to do in this game. Musics are pretty bad, you have to listen the same tune all the time. Its a little bit boring, I know musics done by an orchestra but why do we have to listen the same tune all the time? And I must say, the game gets pretty easy once you gain more "charisma" over freedom fighters and start to recruit more men in to your squad. There are not many weapon options too, but this is not necessary. You can use AK47, grenades, heavy machine guns, some pistols, shotgun, RPGs and molotov cocktails also rarely sniper rifles.

In short, this is a great game, the gameplay is perfect. With few buttons you can do amazing things. AI works perfectly good and never makes you "insult" to game developers :) As I said scenario is a very classic one and dont wait anything surprisingly happen. Music is good... because there is only one or few tunes you can listen and it starts to get frustrating. Playing as a guerrilla leader against Russians is great. This game really makes you feel like you are a leader of freedom fighters. And in your missions, you have to capture TV channel, liberate schools, army depots, hospitals etc. So missions are realistic. Not just "go there, kill all Russins and come back" type of missions. There are different ways of "completing" the missions. You will have options, also you can travel between "regions" by using sewers, so there is nothing "in order", you have to decide like a leader what to do first and what to do next... :) Well I say, buy it, play it and put it to your collection.