freedom fighters, my old hero!

User Rating: 9.5 | Freedom Fighters PC
first thing first:
i played this game about 6 years ago and i will tell some main things in the game, and anythings that i remember.
game have a real dark story and bad guys take control of with hous and many other important place and resistans is no longer can hold,
they have some secret place under ground and they goes to every directions of city from under ground and have to help them to take back the freedom to people.
its was one the first tactical shooter and still one of the best.
gae control is so great and this was one of my first pc gaming experienc but i injoyed it so much and because of the great gameplay i finished it so many times.
your not alone to fight the enemy and in every missions you have some partner and you have to work together, to done the missions.
weapone choices are not too much and its ok because youre a freedom firgter and have less techonogy agains your enemy. ak 47 is best choice in the game, it have enough power and you will find ammo too.
in the year 2003 games start to have more graphices details and more options choice for graphices, freedom fighter was one of the greatest in this case and the graphices still look good.
for the first time soldiers had enough details on theyre clothes and guns looks real. shodows and lights makes the game brilliant.
last word:
i hope they stars the second [ its canceled one time ] because first one was sssso great.
every single actions gammers have to play this game and see how great the game is.