User Rating: 8.8 | Freedom Fighters PS2
Freedom Fighters is really a one of a kind game. There are not a lot of shooter games out tehre which allow you to control up to 12 recruits. It is a third-person tactical shooter which is very well done. There are 2 modes; a single player and multiplayer.In single player mode or story mode there are 4 difficulties whic you can choose from. The story mode has 7 areas/maps with different levels on it ranging from 1-5 missions in each to complete. When complete these are, in one area/map you will be taken to the very next dramatic climax in the story of the freedom fighters, that is a cut-scene. The story starts of with an average plumber named chris and his younger brother going to a house to repair the resident's plumbing system. When they infact find out that the resident is Isabella, an underground resistance fighter, they free her and doing so get tangled along with the resistance. So they stay and fight. There is also a multiplayer mode where 2 plus players can battle eachother over several different maps. It is pretty standard, its just capture the ol' flag and defend it then capture other bases/flags. A normal capture-the-flag game mode. You can choose from the soviet union or the American resistance.There is a lot of fun in multiplayer but it does get somewhat tiresome playing the same mode over and over, and this ofcourse is where single player mode has the advantage. It is ranged in different levels and environments where you can not only destroy the enemies but also rescue and assasinate them. So there is much more variety in single player mode.

During gameplay you have several differnet weapons/ tools you have at your disposale. The max you can have in your inventory is 8. The main weapons can include assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, machine gun and a sub-machine gun. All of these will become more available to you as you progress more through the game. There are side-arms including only a pistol and revolver. Then you have got your grenades and molotovs. Also a wrench, binoculars, med kits and C4. There are a variety of enemies out on the field including standard, then theres the heavy and then the fully shielded guards which do take a lot of fire-power to take down. To gain/earn more recruits you must do objectives which earn you charisma. The objectives may be something you must do but tehre are also others which include healing people as such. Each time one bar on your screen is filled with full charisma then you can get a new recruit. The same are with all of your recruits but the fully shielded guards are not with you.

The graphics in this game are amazing but since it is a third-person shooter it can get a bit glitchy at times when climbing up ladders or standing near walls and such. The sound effects are very good and the music does go well with the mood of the game. This game is very short and not much replay value, but overall it is an amazingly well-done game and can't wait for the sequel!