Good story, great multiplayer, enough said.

User Rating: 9.5 | Freedom Fighters PS2
Freedom Fighters was truly an amazing experience. To start off, the story mode is fantastic. It may not be the longest, but the memory is sure to last longer than many others out there. You are pit against multiple enemies in a fairly huge area. To make it more exciting, the choices you make effect you throughout your story mode. There are plenty of difficulties to choose from, so make sure you're comfortable on which you play on. The AI control is really where this game shines. You are able to recruit a number of "Freedom Fighters" based on your amount of charisma. They AI work nicely, and unlike most other games, you'll find that your teammates actually do their job, and get the job done right if used properly. The game's AI use is based on strategy, so there will be some fun experimenting with what you can do, and how to exploit your recruit able followers. Last, the multiplayer. It's a fun 4 player offline game where you have to capture and keep control of the flag until the time limit runs out. You are to capture bases and recruit fighters as you go along. The AI again is just fantastic and is a big part of the fun you can have in the multiplayer, placing and having little fights with the fighters. When it comes to the variety of guns and maps, the game runs a little short, but the AI controllable easily make up for that.