Freedom Fighters - Stuck on my PC for 30+ hours.

User Rating: 9 | Freedom Fighters PC

They want me to say a hundred words about it but it was long ago when I played it trough so I don't remember details about the game. What I remember is that when I started the game I stayed in front of my PC until I played it trough. Over 30 hours in front of my PC without a break, literally. Probably I have left the game for a few brief visits to the kitchen and the WC, but I don't really remember that.

So the game is really something that is worth it. I give it a 9 for the reason that I have and had no reason and will to play that game again. Otherwise I don't remember having any issues like bad GUI, bad controls, bad performance, bugs, etc.

Well I really don't remember much. I just wanted to add one more good word about it because a game of that quality is quite a rare find, especially nowdays, and deserves to be noted and given as example of how should a game be made.

And some more words to fill the lack of memory of the details about the game. I remember it was really fun and enjoyable to play. That is what matters the most. No bug, no poor story, no annoyance can beat a superb overall gameplay. So even if the game had its issues the gameplay was so good that I cant remember anything bad to say about the game.

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