Freedom Fighters thrilling action, interesting premise, and addictive gameplay will blow you away.

User Rating: 9.5 | Freedom Fighters XBOX
Freedom Fighters was one of the most exciting 3D action games of last gen and it still holds up fantastic to this day.

Freedom Fighters' story is an alternative and fictional history in which the Soviet Union essentially wins the Cold War and invades the United States. The game is set in Manhattan and you play as a blue collar worker named Christopher Stone who ends up fighting the Reds via guerrilla warfare. Every mission in the game requires you to raise the American Flag on top of a building, yet there are secondary missions like blowing up helipads and bridges, or even assassinating political figures that makes the game very enticing.

The game-play in Freedom Fighters is excellent. This is top notch 3D action and the shooting feels rock solid. Chris can choose from a pistol/revolver and an assault rifle/shotgun/sub-machine gun/ or rocket launcher. The game also offers molotov cocktails and frag grenades, binoculars, a wrench, and C4 to play around with. You'll also need to preserve many health packs in order to heal prisoners or wounded soldiers as well as yourself. The gun-play in Freedom Fighters is just a blast and feels very fluid. The game-play is addictive and the enemy AI is top notch keeping the challenge at a good pace.

The game can be beaten in around 15 to 20 hours however you'll want to at least go back and experience the story again. The game-play is so exciting that the game is worth another play-through. The graphics hold up solidly and for a game that came out in 2003 it still holds up well. The snow and rain looks visceral as does the explosions and character faces. The sound is also excellent, as Russian soldiers scream at you as you blow shotgun shells into there stomachs. The soundtrack is also upbeat and keeps the action lively.

Freedom Fighters also offers a multiplayer mode in which a few friends can duke it out. This mode isn't the forefront of the game yet it is an exciting and entertaining alternative to the campaign. This multiplayer mode is a King of the Hill inspired set up in which each player has AI controlled players and has to keep their flag up the longest.

Even a decade later, Freedom Fighters is still one of the best 3D shooters of the 2000s. If you still have a PS2 or Xbox, this game is definitely worth checking out on Amazon or Ebay. With GTA5 coming out next week, its great to experience some awesome 3D action to while you wait. Freedom Fighters thrilling action, interesting premise, and addictive gameplay will blow you away again and again, even in 2013.