Freedom Fighters is a very enjoyable 3rd person tactical squad shooter with a storyline that will hook you in.

User Rating: 9 | Freedom Fighters PC
Just finished playing the rather excellent 3rd person "tactical squad shooter" Freedom Fighters. Looks very good with graphical settings on the Nvidia control panel cranked up, despite its 2003 vintage. Great story of liberating the city of New York City from the Soviet invaders/occupiers.

There is great tactical gameplay with some strategic elements as well because the sequence in which you complete the maps in each mission will either ease or complicate your progress. Your character, Chris Stone, a plumber by trade, can recruit fellow citizens as he earns "charisma points" during raids in Soviet controlled parts of the city and destroy installations. As the game progresses the number of recruits increases leading to some challenging combat situations.

Combat can be quite tough and taking out helipads early is critical as Soviet gunships are lethal. Soviet NPC AI is pretty good as cover and flanking is utilised. Eventually as your team of recruits builds up you can send them out ahead in small groups to scout ahead or to defend certain locations. AI is pretty good with only the occassional glitch.

The game tone is also fun with its stereotypical characters, both Soviet and American. Particularly funny is the Soviet propaganda on the nightly news that skews the truth. The Soviet news bulletins occur at the end of each mission and it is interesting to listen to how the story of your escapdes are reported.

Lots of challenging missions, many with multiple maps and objectives. Alas the ending seemed to come too soon ... either that or I just wanted another mission. The game save system won't please everyone, essentialy you have to complete a "map" before your progress is permanently saved. There is the option to do interim saves at sewer access manholes but these are lost if the game is exited. Later missions have no mid-mission save system at all, but health packs are seemingly more prevalent. Chris is a likeable hero and the story, irrespective of how far fetched, in the style of Red Dawn, is most enjoyable. Certain missions in the game are tough to beat but the overall experience is very rewarding.

If you complete the game on the either of the two higher difficulty settings you will unlock a bonus mission called Liberty Island, not as flash as the "real missions" but still a bit of fun. Note that you access this mission through the menu screen it does not begin automatically.

OVERALL: Freedom Fighters is a highly recommended squad-based tactical shooter.