if you love 3d shooters then what are you waiting for GET THIS GAME........

User Rating: 9.5 | Freedom Fighters XBOX
freedom fighters is a exelent game if you love 3d shooters.there are many great weapens to fight the enemy,s and maps so you can pick your easy mission. there are secret,s too but they are easy to figure out there are 4 difficulties easy mediem hard and expert witch is alright. its easy to shoot your enemy,s because its auto lock but its still hard because if there are 15 enemy,s then it is handy. now lets talk about your friends. you must get some friends with ya in the game or else you are dead. they are good to kill some enemy,s with but you are doing most of the work. the storyline in the game works well. 2 plummer,s is on work in a art future city their are brothers right away. then they get in a arpartment then some military guys came and took 1 of the brothers and now and now the other brother is trying to rescue him but he also wants to fight for the freedom because as you know the game is called freedom fighters. I dont tell more of the story or else its disapointing to play it. but thats it i cant i have nothing more to say

fakts is that it is exelent game and a most have for 3d shooter fans and for ps/gamecube/xbox. owners. end