Good game and additcting single player, multiplayer needed work.

User Rating: 8.5 | Freedom Fighters XBOX
For the time the game came out the graphics were pretty good and the story line was gripping. Fighting your way though New York City doing a homeland invation by the Russians! Over time you watch yourself put on more armor, bandages, become battle torn, and even hair growth.

The basic gameplay for this is really good, it's heavely based off of squad tactics which you didn't see alot of back in the day. There wasn't a whole lot of weapons to go with but what you could get was always fun to use the whole game (I prefered the SPAS Shotty ^.^ ). Over all the game didn't really last to long but like I said before it had a solid story line that kept you gripped in to it the whole time.

Now the multiplayer, I'm a HUGE fan of playing games with my friends.. but this games multiplayer didn't really do it for me. You had a large squad of NCPs w/ you and you pretty much had to move all 20 of them at a time, or try and get half on a defencive mode and the other half on offencive... which you did with the clicking of two buttons. Tended to be a pain in the butt, so mostly you'll end just keeping them in offensive and just follow you all over the place and storm the objectives throwing grenades at you friends massive horde of people as well.

All in all the games single player was awesome, full of good old school action and bad ass characters. Multiplayer needed work but can be a good time killer if your bored with your buddys.