User Rating: 8.6 | Freedom Fighters PC
First off, this game is quite fun and entertaining, but it is not as good as the gamespot review says it is. The graphics are pretty good, but they aren't anything revolutionary. Sounds are all done well, but once again nothing really outstanding. The story is a lot of fun. You are thrust into the action from the very beginning. And I loved the Russsian newcasts, especially when playing watch for the scrolling text on the bottom of the screen in the newcasts. Some of it is really hilarious tongue-in-cheek humor. The gameplay is done well, the mission architecture keeps things interesting. The firefights between you with your mean against the enemy can be a blast. Having 20+ soldiers shooting it out with choppers flying over ahead and snipers taking potshots can be riveting. But the gameplay won't blow you away. Once again its pretty good, but not great. Finally, they seem to emphasize that the AI does a very good job with your fellow soldiers. Well, I have a major gripe. Most of the time if they are moving somewhere, they will walk right past the enemy and get wasted without returning fire. Other times if they get close to the enemy soldiers they will completely ignore the close ones blasting fire into them and take potshots at enemies far away. Besides that though, the AI does a decent job. Overall, its a pretty good game, but nothing outstanding. I recommend buying it, but its not so great and grand as the gamespot review makes it out to be.