Bring back one of the most epic third person shooter ever

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io interactive should come up with the sequel of freedom fighter. I can only imagine the way game will look like with todays technology. Back in the day the game had every thing strong story line, epic soundtrack n mind blowing gameplay, i don't get it y publishers n developers are wasting tym n effort for all those shitty meaningless titles like dynasty warriors n risen n wat not. This games needs a sequel n i believe there will b hell lot of people waiting for this to happen even though we don't talk abt this anymore.

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Please Please Please Bring back FF again. This is my best game ever in my life and I still playing it till now since it was released in 2003.

Please any company that can reproduce this game with todays technology it will be awesome. Just reproduce it with out any farther development on story. This is minimum requirement from this great game fans.