Free Realms is cute family fun for all ages

User Rating: 7 | Free Realms PC
My husband and I are avid computer gamers. We've been gaming for over 20 years now and have been fanatics about multi-player games like World of Warcraft, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed, etc. Just recently my husband found an online game called FREE REALMS by Sony Online Entertainment (SEO) for our daughter.

Free Realms is a cartoon-ish multi-player family game with everything from Fishing, Cooking, Adventuring, Soccer, Questing, and more! It's definitely not a game my husband and I would normally participate in, but as a family, we love it! We were especially happy that our 7 year old daughter finally found a game she could play with us as well. Usually she will stick to her DSi or the Wii while my husband and I game on the XBox 360 or the PC with our sons, but Free Realms offers some pretty nifty entertainment for all ages.

What is Free Realms?
Free Realms is a free 3D virtual world where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want! Jump in straight from your web browser! Once you create your character, you'll be in and playing in just a few minutes.

Decorate your house, then invite your friends over for a party! Teach your pet a new trick or dress them up in a sweet costume! Battle enemies as you search for lost treasure or duel other players, mine for gold, cook up a meal, or race your car! When you're ready for a different kind of challenge, play a wide variety of fun minigames, jump into the trading card game or check up with your friends on your profile page. Free Realms is the place to join up with your friends to discover, explore, compete, chat, share achievements and just have fun! In Free Realms, YOU RULE.

Free Realms Jobs
When you enter Free Realms, you are given the option to take any JOB that you want, and once you select that job, you aren't limited to playing just that job. You can change jobs anytime you want and then level that job up by participating in quests and mini-games as that particular job.

Parental Controls
Free Realms have a variety of parental controls and safe chat methods you can set for your child. You can have your child's own login for the game and then your parent login to manage their account.

Membership and Station Coins
Free Realms is just that ... FREE! But, of course, if you want access to higher levels, more gear, pets, mounts, and more, then becoming a member is your best bet. However, I guarantee your child will enjoy it and you might enjoy it too! You can also purchase Station Coins to buy your items without becoming a member.

Free Realms Is Family Fun!
All in all, I'm almost positive you'll want to become a member. Our family is full of gamers and this makes a great way to spend time together online, especially since daddy is military and he has to travel a lot. We can't game on the Wii or XBox with him while he is gone, but we can certainly log into games like Free Realms to hang out for a few hours. If you're ever on Free Realms, look me up. I play Breeja or Ella Briarwick!