Not the best out there but still worth checking out

User Rating: 7 | Free Realms PS3
Free Realms is a MMO game. You start off by creating your own character and choosing between a human or some fairy looking character. There isn't a huge selection of features for your character but you get more stuff as you go on in the game. You are limited to one character unless you subscribe then you get up to 3 i believe.

The world is huge and there is so many things to do it's crazy. You can pretty much do whatever you want. Whether you just want to play minigames like play soccer, do some fishing, chess/checkers or choose one of the other minigames they got in the game. There is alot of things to choose from so it keeps you entertained.

The only complaints I really have for the game are. Loooong boot up time and loooong loading times. The initial download took a long time as well. I emailed Sony Online Entertainment about this issue and I hope they work something out to fix the loading times issue but we will see.

Overall this game is worth downloading because it has alot of content and it is fun to play. If it wasn't for the loading times and occasional lag time here and there i would have given it a higher score.