The Good vs Bad when it comes down to Free Realms.

User Rating: 6.5 | Free Realms PS3
When I first heard about Free Realms in a commercial way back when it was first released for the PC, I was a tad bit interested in playing it. However, because my laptop can't run games, I didn't even try. Then I heard about it coming out for the PS3 and got pretty excited. A 'free' MMO to play and have a blast with for days on end sounds like a great idea, but did Free Realms live up to the hype I put towards it? To find out, keep reading this review!

The Good:

+ Graphics: There really isn't much to say about the graphics that Free Realms provides, seeing as how they aren't necessarily bad, but they aren't that good either. In my opinion the graphics for this game is smack-dab in the middle between the two. However, for a game that is 'free' there isn't much of a need for stunning graphics, and the graphics are actually pretty good for the games style. A cartoony world deserves some cartoony graphics, does it not?

+ Gameplay: This game is easy to pick up and play. The world of Free Realms isn't so big that you can get lost easily and you also don't have to walk from place to place for the fact that there is always the option to teleport to (or at least close to) the area you wish to go. Free Realms also has very easy controls and a simple combat system that mostly involves button mashing and takes little to no skill, which is understandable seeing as how this is a 'family-friendly' game.

+ Replay Value: There seems to be a lot of replay value in Free Realms, though this is the same with most MMO's. The fact that you are given many classes to play as and you don't need more than one character to use them all is a great feature that takes away some confusion and takes away from the need of having over characters just to get the games full experience.

The Bad:

-Gameplay: Though the game is fun and easy to pick up and play without many problems, leveling up in this game for a couple of the classes can be quite an unnecessary grind-fest. For example, when you play as the Black Smith class, you need to alternate between that and the Miner class because of the need for materials. This makes the game feel extremely slow and clunky at times, mostly because of how long it takes to level up for some of the classes.

- Sound: After awhile (about 20 hours of playing), I had to turn the music's volume in this game all the way down because of how repetitive the soundtrack for this game is. It seems as if every song in this game is a slightly altered version of the theme-song, which is now burned into my brain so bad that I've actually started to whistle the song every once in awhile.

- Personal: The name of the game is incredibly misleading. 'Free Realms' should actually be considered 'Fee Realms' for the fact that absolutely nothing is free in it. If you don't have a membership, you can't play the game pass level 5 on any class, the best things in the game cost real money, and the things that cost virtual money are pretty expensive. That wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't so hard to make a lot of 'coins' in the game.

Overall, Free Realms is a game that is worth checking out and playing for at least a few hours. However, to me it feels as if the game could have been a lot more than it was and gets a 6.5 from me. For more of my reviews, look me up on,, and or just follow me on twitter /thatSTERLINkid.