good game bad choices

User Rating: 5 | Free Realms PS3
Graphics: Ok so pretty much graphics are kinda bad but they don't make the game any less amazing.
Gameplay: The gameplay is awesome having this large world to explore around and doing so many things in that world unfortunately it does have a downside you can only play up to level 4 as a free character which means that those amazing level five items sitting in your inventory cant be used till you upgrade.
Story: As far as I can tell there is none
Overall the game is awesome to play up to level for then you gotta pay the price of having fun luckily they have a lifetime membership for the wonderful price of 30.00 dollars and once upgrade then you can actually start to have fun on the game which is why I recommend just not playing this game its not worth the money which is why I gave it a 5 if they ever take away that level restriction I'll put it up to 8