This game just needs to get the member thing out of the way. Otherwise, this game only needs you. Just prepare to spend.

User Rating: 8.5 | Free Realms PC
The game consists lots of quests, both for the adventure class and other jobs. The only backfire is you have to pay some money to have a good time. Quite a few green. first you'd want to become a member and if you want to, spend even more on the trading cards, or the station cash cards. The company just takes off 1 or 2 zeros off the station cash and WHA-BOOM! you gotta pay 5-30 dollars. The reason that you should buy, buy, buy is because most of the time there are quests that charge you membership to do. And a chunk of the items require level 5 and up. You will think that will be easy, but you must become a member in order to level up to 5. In any class. It's frustrating, because some quests tell you to level up to five then talk to the NPC. Not so fun anymore, is it?

I personally think spending money on online games is stupid. Freaking stupid. If you already spent 200 dollars on a computer, why pay the money to play an 100% online game?(Not like Free Realms, they have merchandise)

Lets go back to the game, kicking out that membership thing. Well, for one thing, the stores are pretty pricey. 50 gold is the lowest for most items, and 3,000 gold is the highest. But with all those quests, you have an advantage. I just HATE the fact that some merchants do not have anything and are just still left there for newbie explorers to pout about like me.

The choice of jobs is wonderful. almost anything you dreamed a game should have. This game makes me think a lot about wizard 101, WOW, Sims (In general), and Gaia online. I have not played Diablo so I cant say anything. There's Mining, Fishing, Brawling, Archers, warriors, card duelist, chefs, wizards, adventurers, ninjas, pirates, and more!

I think the quests are OK. Not really liking em' a whole lot because sometimes ( or Most of the time) you have to travel far distances. You can access your atlas and use it to teleport you, but sometimes your computer just doesn't like that water you spilled that night and just lags. When Free Realms Lags, it lags a lot.

The Items seem pretty good. The price just rips you off. Sometimes weapons just have a slight change in attack power but the same moves. that makes me want to just tell the creators to invent more variety of weapons.

I have covered pretty much everything. Thanks for reading! :D