You know.. not my type :P

User Rating: 2.5 | Free Realms PC
When I looked at the gameplay trailers or gameplay from other people in Youtube I was not happy about it..

my bro said its pretty good so i download a mini file so i can play it and to my computer and to my SURPRISE...

it did suck (for me) others might like it but maybe its just not the game for me?

i like those hardcore games, with killing, shooting, and i played htis game .. i mean its not THAT BAD its just theres too much mini games

quest that.. minigame this....this ...that. ..

I thought to myself maybe i didnt explore the game more?

so i started even playing more even though it really was still not good to me ..althought i really like the cooking minigame :D

and id played it like 4 hours a day for 1 week!! and i'm still not use to the graphics
it was making me throw up maybe its too bright for me LOL!! i like those DARK looking games

pretty good for kids though theyll love it :D