Free Realms Cheats For PC

  1. Free Free Realm Items

    Once you're logged into the Free Realms website, you can enter the following codes in the "Redeem-a-Code" section of the website OR in-game to unlock these free items for the game to claim these items. NOTE: LIMIT ONE USE PER ACCOUNT! If you have multiple characters (which is available with membership), you'll have to decide which character gets to claim the item. Once claimed, you cannot reuse these codes for that account. All items obtained through these codes cannot be traded to other players & SOME items cannot be sold a all!

    Effect Effect
    XCZG923 Baseball cap (Lv 1 "Free Jobs" Clothing)
    6TNBTGH Charcoal Bermuda Shorts (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing)
    T86766R Chatdy Baseball Cap (Lv 1 "Free Jobs" Clothing)
    FACEBOOKFANS06 Checker Charged Helmet (Lv 1 Kart Driver Item)
    N4PF9R3 Crystal Hammer (Lv 1 Brawler Weapon)
    JFRE87J Doggy Bowling T-Shirt (Pet Clothing)
    FACEBOOKFANS05 Dynamite (Lv 1 Miner Tool)
    FACEBOOKFANS02 Froggy Fries (turn into a frog, single use)
    FROGGY Froggy Fries (turn into a frog, single use)
    FACEBOOKFANS03 Goat Cheese (turn into a goat, single use)
    ROSESFORMOM Mother's Day Bouquet (Lv 1 "Free Job" Item, Expires May 17, 2009)
    CP24C5N Race Away Jacket (Lv 1 Kart Racer Clothing)
    ROBGOBLINBOOTY Robgoblin T-Shirt (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing)
    GMBZZ24B Sample Booster Pack for use in the Trading Card Game (10 virtual cards, no loot card)
    FACEBOOKFANS04 Shadowblade (Lv 1 Ninja Weapon)
    SKELETAL Skeletal Speed Helmet (Lv1 Kart Driver Head Item)
    SANDWICH Small Sandwich (shrinks player, single use)
    CMNJGGE Spider Snack (turn into shaggy spider, single use)
    PXNH6HB Spook Sphere (turns into a ghost-like creature, single use)
    STRAWBERRIES Strawberry Surge Helmet (Lv1 Kart Driver Head Item)
    KN78CH2 Striped Shoes (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing)
    3G9MKT2 Striped T-Shirt (Lv1 Free-Style jobs Chest item)
    MPT38B3 Twilight Layered Skirt (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing, FEMALE'S ONLY!)
    FACEBOOKFANS01 Veggie Surprise (turn into fungal man-eating plant, single use)

    Contributed by: TStodden, Mr_Alexander 

  2. Shrink or Enlarge heads.

    These secret chat commands make everyone's head look very small or very big, your hats are also effected. Type the code once to activate it and again to deactivate. Enter this in the chat log as if you were going to say this to somebody:

    Effect Effect
    /absnbd Massive heads.
    /omglilimh Tiny heads.

    Contributed by: Mr_Alexander 

Free Realms Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    Trophy Trophy
    Reach Level 20 as a Fisherman Angler
    Reach Level 20 as a Wizard Arcane Master
    Complete 5 player to player trades Barterer
    Spend 50,000 coins Big Spender
    Win a Pirate's Plunder match Captain
    Add 100 players to your friends list Celebrity
    Complete a collection Collector
    Use a consumable item Consumer
    Tip 10 cows. Cow Tipper
    Reach Level 20 as a Demo Derby Driver Demolisher
    Reach Level 20 as a Medic Doctor
    Win 10 duels Duelist
    Complete an elite collection Elite Collector
    Reach Level 20 as a Ninja Flying Dragon
    Earn all trophies Free Realms Champion
    Reach Level 20 as an Adventurer Grand Explorer
    Successfully invite 5 players to a group Groupie
    Create a guild Guildmaster
    Place 100 items in a house Home Improver
    Visit another player's house Housecaller
    Add a player to your friends list Icebreaker
    Reach Level 20 as a Chef Iron Chef
    Lose 10 minigames Loser
    Reach Level 20 as an Archer Marksman
    Reach Level 20 as a Blacksmith Master Blacksmith
    Place 1000 items in a house Master Decorator
    Visit the Kart & Demo Derby Garage Mechanic
    Perform 10 emotes Mime
    Ask for help from Free Realms Support N00b
    Reach Level 20 as a Miner Ore Master
    Perform a pet trick Pet Whisperer
    Reach Level 20 as a Postman Postmaster
    Win a tier 5 combat encounter without getting knocked out Pwner
    Abandon 10 quests. Quitter
    Win an Artifact Hunt game Relic Hunter
    Add 50 players to your friends list Socialite
    Reach Level 20 as a Kart Driver Speed Demon
    Win a Chess game Strategist
    Reach Level 20 as a Brawler Street Fighter
    Reach Level 20 as a Soccer Star Striker
    Equip a style card Stylist
    Win a Checkers game Tactician
    Successfully invite 25 players to a group Team Player
    Win a Tower Defense game Tower Defender
    Reach Level 20 as a Warrior Warlord
    Visit the Marketplace Window Shopper

    Contributed by: Guard Master, RPGs R Awesome, DragonCox 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
In-Depth FAQs Trophy Guide by xXIrishPride4Xx 38K