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As I can't reply to the last and only post on this game (that should be removed instead of being readonly, for the good health of Fray image) I will try to put another light on this game, beacause I am freak fan, who pre-ordered it from desura soon as it was available.... As almost all indy game, with no tons of money to put in publicity, it is not a bit surprising that the community was low, espacially during the alpha/beta. It came out of nowhere and only with a limited pub. Worst, the release on Steam don't really go well actually... but, people, those are about twelve people working on this thing that look like a AAA game, outside and INSIDE the box. And... whoever had try it since im following them, I mean make some match... loves it, and of course buy it! It is an awesome game! Done by a really promising little company! New turn based style, weapons, gadgets, battlefields, leveling, multi squads setting, you really need to give a try to this if you like turn-to-turn based games, this one put the style to an higher lvl...my humble opinion at least. In the 20 best sellers of Steam while im wroting so buggy, fragile start yes, something to forget NOT AT ALL Just wait few days you will see appears real comments and videos about it, I'll try to keep in touch with some myself, because im pretty happy of this game, and I want to share it, to have more ppl to kill... of course... human all a bit selfish after all Hope you'll take a look Nice to join you all by the way... new as author
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