Frantics Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Win a game session (not just a single mini game) as the Elk. Against The Fox's Will
    Win 1st place in a round of Hot-Rod Heroes with both front and back square wheels. Be There AND Be Square
    Win a game session when playing alone with 2 AI players. Best of One
    Play a round where all animals score at least one point in Chair Riots. Bulls-eye!
    Everyone stays alive for 30 seconds (in a non-practice round) in Big-Top Hoppity Hop. Careful Critters
    Complete all 14 mini-games. Connoisseur
    Win a game session (not just a single mini game) WEARING SUNGLASSES. Cool Burger
    Catch a bomb (thrown by another animal) while it is in the air, then throw it again in Bomb Slingers. Dad Reflexes!
    In Icicle Pickle, a player is hit by a bottle rocket twice without landing in between, then lands on the ground afterward. Double Rocket
    Finish a game session (not just a single mini game) with all 4 animals wearing a customisation item. Dressed To Impress
    A player is in possession of 50 coins or more when reaching The Grand Finale, The Crown Finale or Quick Ending. Filthy Rich
    Make and play through a custom game pack. Follow Your Dreams
    End all mini-games in a session in a draw. Friendly Party
    Win a round in Hot-Rod Heroes with no standard parts on your vehicle. Full Bling-Bling
    Complete a game session (not just a single mini game) with 4 non-AI players. Full Party
    Have five different items on one rocket at the same time in Thrust Issues. Have It All
    A player entered The Grand Finale, The Crown Finale or Quick Ending with five or more crowns. Hoarder
    Pass one dynamite between all animals in Parachuchu. Hot Exploding Potato
    Stack four animals on top of each other in Friendless Runner. Impossible Tower
    Both players get a crown in Backstabbers Dilemma. Impossible!
    The animal carrying the soup was exploded by a mine in Trappy Fields. Misstep
    Players tip over five chestnut traps in a single round of Jetpack Nut Job. Nut Enough?
    Complete a secret mission. On A Mission
    Complete game sessions with all available animals. Party Animal
    Win a piggyback victory in Icicle Pickle. Piggyback Victory
    An auction in a mini-game or bonus challenge ends with all items being sold. Playing The Market
    End in a tie with another animal in The Grand Finale, taking it to overtime. Restart
    Drive a full lap without dying in Tour de Frantics. Safe Driver
    The explosive doughnut switched between all animals in a single round in Dough Knights. Sharing Is Caring
    Score a goal when you have no lives left in Heavy Metal. Sweet Revenge
    Cross the finish line stacked on another animal in Friendless Runner. Tall Order
    Collect all trophies. The Party Never Ends
    A player is sabotaged with hotsauce three times in one round. Too Hot!
    End the game with all animals standing on the platform in Kings of the Hill. We're All In This Together

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold