Mixed reactions

User Rating: 6 | Forza Motorsport 5 (Racing Game of the Year Edition) XONE

Too many needless voice overs, Not enough of a solid soundtrack to support the game. The sound effects are very realistic though.

The cars look absolutely fantastic and so does the game. I am a bit disappointed with the generic styled race tracks though, There needs to be more variety and fun among them instead of just being straight forward tracks.

Game Play:
It's definitely satisfying to play but for a racing game, It's not that addictive or not fun enough. After a couple of races, I'm quick to put it down and play something else.

Too many needless voice over spots that take up too much time, Things should go a lot faster in order to get fans jumping head first into the game. The cars look very realistic and the game itself looks stunning. Race tracks are uninspired and lack creativity. All the extra content adds a lot more depth to the game. The game, however, can get quite boring after a rather short period of time and doesn't really do well to hold your interest. I think the upgrades could be a bit more simplified, It's quite annoying having to go from one thing to the next, There should be a quick option for all. Playing online can be fun.

Overall: 6/10
I think what really kicks it is that it isn't fun. It has the perfect look and feel of a racing game, There's no denying that. It just isn't fun to play. It's boring just playing basic race after race and grinding out in order to buy more cars or upgrades.