A stripped content and slightly prettier looking Forza

User Rating: 6 | Forza Motorsport 5 XONE

Unimpressed right from the get go. Metal on cars has more shiny and realistic effects, more clouds, and slightly better graphics does not make this game feel next gen what so ever.

First off lets purchase a vehicle in the garage. Oh wait!!! literally 1/2 the selection compared to Forza4 is available to choose from and well...to make matters even worse it's now riddled DLC packs. Completely plagued your selection and forcing you to purchase the cars you want.(In most cases these cars were FREE in Forza4) Less race tracks?! Are we going back in time or forward I don't understand Forza Dev's logic on this one.

I will admit the racing portion of pairing you up with other online competitors as AI in campaign is pretty sweet. Being able to race actual gamers who previously raced the track and to battle against them adds a whole new level of difficulty as you don't know what to expect. The computer AI Forza5 has is better and definitely more aggressive.

Car handling was slightly improved the vehicles seem to have more feedback on the X1's controller. Very marginal though.

Overall I traded this game in after two weeks of purchasing it. It's just not enough new to make it worth buying. I recommend this game for anyone who is new to the series. If your a Forza fan like me and have owned all the titles you might want to pass on this recycled, DLC riddled money grab piece of garbage,