The best sim racer i've ever played

User Rating: 9.4 | Forza Motorsport 2 X360
I'll be honest, I've never really enjoyed sim racers...infact I stayed clear of them for years (after GT3 built frusteration), but for some reason this game caught my attention. I love the depth of the physics engine and after playing the demo I found the steering to be a lot more accurate than GT3. I decided to plunk down the money on the Wireless Steering Wheel...and let me say that was possibly the best move I made. The whole experience exceeds 10 fold, the force feedback and realism of control of the cars is amazingly real. Even my fiance loves the game...she owns a Volvo and when she took the S60 for a spin the control of the car was practically dead on with her older, but reliable Volvo. In any case, visually the game is stunning and a blast to play....for veterans or new comers. I would highly recommend the steering wheel...without it the games ok, but the wheel just makes the whole experience beyond anything i've ever played.

-Stunning car models -Car Customization is VERY deep
-Online and Offline Careers will hold a long time
-Steering Wheel works flawless
-Lag Free, Online auctions to sell cars

-Wish there were some more A and B class cars
-Environments at times may look a bit flat (very minor)