Not so open world as said, half hearted and over rated!!

User Rating: 3.5 | Forza Horizon X360
Great concept, but falls short on its tail. Half hearted and rushed racing game, not worth 5$!!
Falls in catagory with nfs!!
All in all, buy the cheapest one, if you must get one or simply just save your money!!

As for the promised open world, its greatly limited with invisible walls, buildings and guardrails.. If you want open world racing, get tdu (test drive unlimited)

Tuning is just as half hearted as the rest of the game.. All cars acts more or less the same, also not an option to finetune anything!!
In this case, if you want tuning options, stick to forza motorsport 4!!

Damage is only visible damage, this means it doesnt matter how you drive in rivals, hit the guardrails or drive clean, theres no punishment, this might be one of the biggest let downs!!

Pros: night racing is great, pop up lights and being able to drive some great cars. But still not worth the money!!

This game is just another dust collector!!