wtf ?! custom upgrade

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ok . i dont know about you guys but changing a front bumper that u cant even see that will change 0.1 of aceleration or something seems execively retarted to me . I obviously go for the auto upgrade ( cheaper simpler ) for more time on the road . 

So there it is , i was just wondering if there is anybody that likes this part of the game and is there people that like wasting there time at the garage ?

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I thoroughly enjoy customizing in the garage as it gives you the ability to really go deep and pinpoint the items to improve to get the car where you want it for the most part. I think its anything BUT wasting time. Also, when it comes to bumpers, rims, spoilers etc, eliminating more weight is what helps add the 0.1 acceleration in most cases. Other cases the cosmetic stuff adds acceleration because of better aerodynamics.
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I like this guy ^^

I don't have the game, but have been hooked on youtube videos. How is the car culture online? Are there groups of car enthuists who have some great builds? Do people talk online, or make up their own games? (cops and robbers)