Who bought the LE?

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#1 Posted by WWIAB (4352 posts) -

I picked up the LE this morning, it's still wrapped (I've only just finished work) 

Is it worth the extra £20? not overly bothered by the metal tin but what is the DLC like?

I've got a bit of buyers regret, and dunno whether I should take it back and save the £20

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#2 Posted by Aekom (72 posts) -

It depends on how much you value the DLC it comes with. If you feel that the extra cars, VIP status and maps are worth the £20, then keep it. Otherwise, I'd just get a copy of the standard edtiion, which in my opinion, is plenty enough.

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#3 Posted by Chris_53 (5506 posts) -
I got the LE version, its ok, you dont get that many additional cars tbh. Im interested in this "map unlocks" though. However I dont know if thats in the multiplayer or single player.
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i bought it and i don't think i got ripped off